Our Network

Facility Redundancy

To ensure the continuation of services in the event of a region wide communications outage or natural disaster, we operate critical services at multiple locations. Our mix of locations allow us to ensure system uptime, and offer excellent service quality to you and your customers.


  • Redundant network hardware and connectivity comes standard.
  • Multiple upstream peers are utilized at every location
  • Multiple power grids, battery backed UPS power protection, and generators to keep power on in the event of a large scale outage.
  • Multiple, redundant HVAC units for cooling.
  • Biometric and access card security at all entry and exit points, and at several key locations throughout all our facilities.
  • Hot standby disaster recovery facilities take over seamlessly in the event of any major facility outages.


  • Chicago, US (CHI01/CHI02)
  • Kansas City, US (KC01)
  • California, US (FM1)
  • Quebec, CA (CA1)
  • Singapore (SG1)
  • Amsterdam, NL (AMS1)


nDeviX operates its own network, from our edge to the switch ports. Our network does not have any one single point of failure, and is self healing in the event of an equipment malfunction. ARIN assigned IPv4 and IPv6 space is announced directly to our upstream providers via BGP (AS25861), and all our peering connections are actively monitored 24x7 to ensure the best possibly delivery path to remote networks.


Our network is built using Cisco, Brocade, Dell, HP, and Supermicro hardware.


nDeviX operates a 24/7/365 network operations center, which is available to field network and service related support needs at all hours.

Contact us at support@ndevix.com.